Google Authenticator export format


  • The Google Protocol Buffers tool, which can be found here, or in this repository.
  • TheOtpMigration.proto file present here — thank you to the author — or here.
  • A way to scan and create QR codes — zbarcam and qrencode for instance.

Export, edit, and import Google Authenticator’s data

zbarcam | \
sed 's/QR-Code://' | \
sed 's/otpauth-migration:\/\/offline?data=//' | \
sed -e 's/%2B/+/ig' -e 's/%2F/\//ig' -e 's/%3D/=/ig' | \
base64 -d | \
protoc --decode=MigrationPayload OtpMigration.proto \
> secrets
# Note the space before `echo`, it prevents the line
# to be saved in the command history, as it contains secret data
echo "<qr-code-data>" | \
cat secrets | \
protoc --encode=MigrationPayload OtpMigration.proto | \
base64 -w 0 | \
sed -e 's/+/%2B/ig' -e 's/\//%2F/ig' -e 's/=/%3D/ig' | \
sed 's/^/otpauth-migration:\/\/offline?data=/' | \
xargs echo | \
qrencode -t utf8 -o -




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